Dear Houston: “I want to live somewhere walkable”

On March 25, 2014, I wrote the City Council of Houston a three part letter that included my thoughts on improving the city’s transportation, health, and economics. This is part two of that letter.

Part 1: Dear Houston, “Where’s the commuter train station?”

Walking stick figures walking away from the hazard sign to a sign that says "walk more"
From Flickr: Walkable Neighborhood, Mike Licht

“I want to live somewhere walkable”

Using Chicago as a lens in my life, I’ve always wanted to live somewhere where I could walk to work. Or, at the very least, walk to shops and restaurants.  So, when I decided to move into “the loop” I explained to the apartment locator that I wanted “to live somewhere walkable.” Unfortunately, we found that there were very few options in Houston that fit my “walkable” definition and those options were well beyond my budget (defined as 25% of my take-home pay with utilities not factored). That is, unless, I wanted to relive my college days and live in 570 square feet.

Imagine the health benefits if we got in our cars less and, instead, could find affordable housing in truly “walkable” areas.


Part 1: Dear Houston, “Where’s the commuter train station?”