Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves for touch screen smartphones, a review

A while ago I did a non-techie feminine review of the Droid X. Because of the popularity of that post, I thought I’d do another review of a new product: the Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves. If you haven’t read about these gloves, they claim to solve the problem that most of us who live in colder climates have when the weather is right to wear gloves; you have to take the gloves off to operate your touch screen phone.  The gloves claim to resolve this.

 Photo of the Isotone Smart Touch Gloves in lime and black


So, do they work? The short answer is: yes! They actually work quite well. There is a small sewn patch on the index and thumbs on each hand of the gloves. Using these small patches (which look like they are embroidered with small arrows in the middle), you can easily operate your smartphone. Sliding images on the screen works every time. Every once in a while, it takes me 2 or 3 touches on a tap on my Droid X for the phone to respond, but usually it works on the first or second try.


Overall Look

Isotoner gloves are known for looking and feeling more like a luxury “dress” glove. Although the Smart Touch gloves have the same overall look of the Isotoner line, they do look a little more utility-focused when compared to the rest of their line.  If I was going on looks alone for a pair to wear with my dress coat, they wouldn’t be my first choice. But they are ok. The patches on the fingers and thumbs is slightly distracting, but not over the top.



So far, the gloves only come in black and colors mixed with black. I purchased the grey/black combination because I couldn’t find a pair of the all-black. I’m hoping in the future they will also come out with solid colors and, particularly, a brown or camel-colored version.



My main complaint with Isotoner gloves and the main reason I haven’t bought a pair in a few years is fit.  The Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves are no different. They come one size fits all and they don’t necessarily fit me well.  I have thin hands and they are snug, so I would recommend that anyone with medium or larger hands try them on first. Also, my fingers are pretty long (which jewelers always try to convince me is a sign I need to wear big stones on them) so the glove does not fit well in between my fingers at the base. They need to be just slightly longer to be the perfect fit for me. Finally, the index finger portion of the gloves seems slightly twisted outward to the Smart Touch finger patch is more on the side of my finger than at the tip of my finger. I’m pretty sure this, again, has to do with them not being long enough.



The price tag was $40 per pair for the gloves. I saw that on Istoner’s website, they are on sale currently for $26 and on Macy’s website, they are on sale currently for $26.99



Overall, I’m very happy with the gloves. They do exactly what they promised. So, despite the slightly-off fit and the look being a little more utility-oriented, I think they were a great buy and I will probably buy another pair in the future.