Sometimes the small things in your business really do matter

A Mistura watch with a white band, wooden casing, and colorful flowers and the accompanying gold and black box
My very own Mistura watch.


My understanding of the importance of little things in a business began with Western Michigan University marketing professor Ed Mayo bringing in his…soap collection.

He had stayed at a wide story of hotels over the years and was demonstrating to us that sometimes the little do things do indeed matter; the shape (sadly a lost art) and packaging of soap can denote a wide variety of things about the hotel, including luxury and quality.

This past week, my Mistura watch arrived from Columbia.  The packaging was impeccable and the watch was perfect, but the “soap” moment came when I went to set it, and realized they’d already done it to my time zone for me.

It may seem like a little thing, but like Dr. Mayo’s soap collection, it “signals” a lot to me about the company and the products they make. 

Take a moment and stop and think about your business. What small thing about your business could really mean a difference to your customers?