Sometimes, marketing is just plain fun

Call it a measure of marketing effectiveness or hijacking if you will, but sometimes, marketing is just plain fun.

For the last year and a half at the college I work for, we’ve been in the process of reaccreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. As part of that process, a marketing committee I co-chaired worked on a campaign to ensure that every employee knew the college’s mission statement. We did a lot of wacky and fun things, but the latest prank about our mission statement came from one of the college’s Academic Advisors, Emily, who wanted to do one last fun thing before she retired. So, she asked one of our fellow employees to create a dance song with the words from our mission statement, got a group of us on-board, and pulled off this surprise dance at our Interim Session.

Did it help us with our overall goal of the employees knowing the mission statement? Probably. But in reality, for her and us, it was just a fun time. So, thank you Emily!

I hope you enjoy the video below and that inspires you to have a little fun at your work this week. And, yes, the blonde dancing near the front is me.