Social media isn’t free advertising

I regularly run into small business owners that want to do social media because it’s free advertising. In some ways, the statement that social media is free advertising is free is true, but, in reality, it isn’t.   Effectively using social media for your business requires strategy Effectively using social media for your business requires... Continue Reading →

Twitter, a good marketing tool?

I know I'm picking a fight on this one, but Twitter may not be the best marketing tool for your business or organization. I know this might strike you as odd. After all, you hear about Twitter everywhere and you see the Twitter logo everywhere, but here are my main arguments as to why Twitter might... Continue Reading →

4 insane but true things about digital media growth

An area that I see growing currently and think will continue to grow is businesses outsourcing elements of their web presence that were previously done in-house. For example, a large number of college campuses have transitioned over to using Google's Gmail or another cloud e-mail as their e-mail and web calendar function for employees and students. But it doesn't just stop there. Businesses are now using blogs instead of newsletters to communicate with employees and customers, social media sites as their main communication medium with customers, public relations sites to send out news releases instead of e-mailing editors directly, etc.

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