Yes, women face unfair stereotypes, so do men

If you haven’t heard, Pantene’s new Whip It commercial has women across the world applauding them for pointing out the stereotypes that they endure.  And it stood in stark contrast this week  to Detroit News’ choice to highlight that Mary Barra, the new GM CEO wears black nail polish (why is that relevant to her leadership abilities?).

But what about men? They face stereotypes as well. If they show any strong emotion other than anger, they are labeled “weak” or “soft.” If they dress in high fashion, their sexuality is questioned.  If they take paternity leave for a newborn, they aren’t “dedicated to their career.”

To be clear, I actually like the commercial a lot and I  hope that it helps facilitate a change in how we view women in the workplace.  But I did want to post my support to my male colleagues for some of the stereotype challenges they also face.