Medical Series: New Revenue Generation Idea for Dermatologists

A few years ago, I went to my dermatologist to figure out which of my beauty products was ticking off my skin.  At the point of absolute frustration, I walked into his office with a bag full of every skin care item I own. By the time he reached the room, my products were all laid out on a table for him to see. Like I said, I was determined.

Photo of a jar of face cream
Photo by sunshinecity on Flickr

The dermatologist came in and, in less than five minutes, identified the problem. But then, on the way out, paused, turned back around, and went over to the row of beauty products again. “And by the way, you don’t need hardly any of this crap. It’s not doing anything for you. All you really need is this and this,” he said pulling two items off the table and handing them back to me.

He walked out and I went over to the table and scanned what he had left. There laid hundreds and hundreds of dollars of beauty lotions and creams, which I now knew did nothing for me.  I gathered them up, threw them in the trash, and walked out.

Years later, as a professional marketer, I look back at that experience and think of it as an opportunity for dermatologists as a new form of revenue generation.  What if they offered a new service where, for the price of an office visit, they would conduct an analysis of skin care products for a patient?


There are two main benefits/positions for marketing this:

It eliminates the stress and anxiety of women when it comes to skin care.
If you haven’t walked down a skin care aisle in a store recently, it will only take a few minutes doing so and you’ll know what I mean. The amount of options and differing brand/product positions is dizzying. One cream firms your skin, one is for sensitive skin, one has all natural ingredients, etc.  And none of them have the perfect combination of everything that a particular woman is looking for.

So, we all end up with bottles and tubes of almost everything so we can be assured that somewhere in there, is the right one. Having a dermatologist pick out the right ones for us eliminates this issue and the stress and anxiety that accompany the process for most women.

It saves women money.
In the three months following my trip to the dermatologist, I saved above and beyond the cost of the office visit in the skin care products I didn’t buy.  And, my skin looks better than it did then. If a dermatologist offered this same opportunity to other women, I can’t think of a single one who wouldn’t jump at the idea of reducing their skin care budget. Basically, it’s a win-win, the patient saves money, and the dermatologist generates more revenue for his or her practice.


Here’s my recommendation: Mimic the insurance companies and create a campaign showing how much money real people saved. Find a couple of loyal patients and give the service to them for free in exchange for analyzing how much money they saved and rights to market their savings.

Then, put together your marketing campaign touting the reduced stress/anxiety benefit along with chart comparisons showing how much money real women in the community saved after the analysis of their products.

So there you have it, a new revenue generation idea for a doctor practicing in dermatology. If you try it, please send me feedback on your experiences.