Top 5 reasons to join Rotary

Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking to a group of college students about professional networking. As part of that presentation, I highly recommended joining Rotary or Rotaract (for students). Here are my top five reasons to join Rotary: Increased knowledge of the community and current issues. The majority of Rotary clubs have a guest speaker each week. The... Continue Reading →

Fun commercial pick: Ma Contrexpérience – 97s

Sometimes an advertisement is so good, it gets forwarded around via email (which is how it got to me), has over 13 million views on YouTube, and gets embedded on awesome marketing blogs (hey, I tried). Way to go Contrex Mineral Water! A quick warning: I'd rate this ad PG-13 by American standards

Sometimes, marketing is just plain fun

Call it a measure of marketing effectiveness or hijacking if you will, but sometimes, marketing is just plain fun. For the last year and a half at the college I work for, we've been in the process of reaccreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. As part of that process, a marketing committee I co-chaired worked... Continue Reading →

Viral video marketing, Bob Villa Wannabes and Sassy Gay Friends

Clearly, from the above examples, there isn’t one formula that makes a video go viral. “Bob Villa Wannabe” Bob Schmidt and Sassy Gay Friend have two entirely different approaches. However, they do have two key elements to creating a viral video. They both speak to their target audience in a way that appeals to them and they provide something of value; either useful information or just a good laugh. These two elements provide a foundation for a viral marketing video. After that, the rest is finding out what will work best for a target audience, seeking out examples of what other videos have appealed to that audience, and taking the time to create something truly of value.

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