Sometimes, marketing is just plain fun

Call it a measure of marketing effectiveness or hijacking if you will, but sometimes, marketing is just plain fun. For the last year and a half at the college I work for, we've been in the process of reaccreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. As part of that process, a marketing committee I co-chaired worked... Continue Reading →

Viral video marketing, Bob Villa Wannabes and Sassy Gay Friends

Clearly, from the above examples, there isn’t one formula that makes a video go viral. “Bob Villa Wannabe” Bob Schmidt and Sassy Gay Friend have two entirely different approaches. However, they do have two key elements to creating a viral video. They both speak to their target audience in a way that appeals to them and they provide something of value; either useful information or just a good laugh. These two elements provide a foundation for a viral marketing video. After that, the rest is finding out what will work best for a target audience, seeking out examples of what other videos have appealed to that audience, and taking the time to create something truly of value.

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