Interviewing? Be careful where you sit and the camera angle

Does it really matter, when you’re doing an interview either in person or on camera, where you sit? It turns out, it does, and rather drastically. What’s-focal-is-presumed-causal phenomenon In Robert Cialdini’s newest book Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade he discusses the what’s-focal-is-presumed-causal phenomenon. Essentially, if a camera or third person is viewing a conversation and they can only see... Continue Reading →

The top 2 strategies to increase sales…

Return phone calls/emails Be helpful (answer the question behind the question) I realize that this seems so elementary, but there's still a great number of small businesses that don't heed to this advice and they are losing sales because of it. Recently, I've been in a position to hire a wide variety of service providers... Continue Reading →

If you read just one marketing article…

Over the years, I’ve been asked by a variety of people in leadership positions as to what I would recommending terms of essential readings on marketing. My response is always the same: if you read just one marketing article, read Theodore Levitt’s Marketing Myopia. Written in 1960, it may seem dated in today’s world, and some... Continue Reading →

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