The wedding registry is evolving

As more and more of my friends get married, I've been thinking about the concept of wedding registries and I've come to the conclusion that the traditional wedding registry is going to have to evolve. It's no secret that the average age of women and men getting married in the United States is increasing. As... Continue Reading →

Live blogging, a review

For my MSU Social Media and News Journalism Course, we had an assignment to live blog an event for one hour using Cover It Live software and Posterous to post. Below is a quick overview of how it went and what I learned in the process. Local vs. National Event Inspired by an FCC Report... Continue Reading →

Storify, a review

This week I tried the new online platform, Storify, to write an article about a severe storm in Battle Creek, Michigan. Storify, for those of you who have not played around with it, is a new platform that allows you to incorporate various web and social media elements, such as Twitter posts, YouTube videos, Flickr... Continue Reading →

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