Good in theory, bad in execution

I often use this phrase when something that involved a solid plan with great thought behind the plan turns-out badly. One of the main reasons that I like this phrase is that it acknowledges that strategic thinking may not always yield good results. And, if something does go wrong, there may not be someone or…

I think your child might be President someday

My friend was distraught. A week before, her four year old daughter Jamie had  been kicked out of a very progressive school, with a reputation of excelling with difficult children, because she was refusing to follow the rules. They asked my friend to come get her child, and had her tuition check ready for her when she…

Measure success by results, not actions

Quick quiz: Which answer would you prefer if you were the one asking the question?   Did you get your grades up? a) I studied more and spent more time at school. b) Yes, my grades now all B’s or better, up from C’s and D’s.   Did you sell more of our company’s chocolate?…

Build big goal momentum with early wins

Oftentimes, building momentum through early wins doesn’t seem efficient. It seems like a very long, continually twisting and bending curved path to success. The straight line to your big goal seems the most efficient.

Was my masters degree worth it? Yes, but not how you think

Disclaimer: I was one of the fortunate who had my masters degree almost fully-funded by the organization I worked for. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t cost me; I still had to put a lot of time into my schoolwork and my classes were held an hour from my home, so there was a lot…

Creating incentives that are mutually beneficial

If you are like the majority of marketers, your first thought is some sort of financial compensation such as money or a gift card. Although this is a good incentive and will usually do the trick, the example above reminds us all that, if we think creatively, we can find an incentive that is mutually beneficial to both us and our customers.

Keys to developing a mutually beneficial

What burning toilet paper and high school teacher reminded me about marketing and pr

We, as marketers and public relations professionals, need to promote our organizations to the best of our ability through traditional advertising, press releases, digital media, etc. But we must never underestimate the power of interactions with employees of our organizations. An advertising campaign may bring someone to your organization, but whether or not you gain a customer, is all about the interactions that customer has with employees.