Where is the “break” in your campaign or initiative?

Previously, I discussed measuring marketing/initiative success based on outcomes, not actions. So what if your campaign isn't successful? How do you find the "break"? The best way is to compare to previous data and industry standards. Previous data Previous data is your data from previous campaigns. Examples: During your last three sales events, percent of people who walked into... Continue Reading →

Considering conducting a survey? Remember that what people say they do or say is important to them does not usually match their behavior

According to the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (2012 Cohort), 73% of students say tutoring is somewhat or very important. But, only 29% of students participate in tutoring at their college.  So, students say tutoring is important, but that isn't reflective in their behavior. What people say they do or say is important to... Continue Reading →

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