You can share your opinions, and your customers can walk

For this post, I’d like to focus on small business owners, especially home-based ones.

I recently bought a product that is only available through home-based distributors. Most of these I avoid because their Pyramid Schemes/Multi-Level Marketing Scams, but some products are legitimate enough to buy, such as Tupperware and Avon.

My distributor uses a Facebook group to let her primary way to let customers know when she has new inventory, is running a sale, etc. The only way she could figure out how to add me to the group was to “friend” me on Facebook and then add me. I have a strong aversion to adding new people on Facebook, but I agreed to do it and just unfriend her immediately…..but I forgot.

And that’s when I started seeing her posts, highly negative, especially toward groups other than her own; and highly political.

Here’s the thing: Individual distributors can share their personal opinions on things other than their products, but if they do, they must be willing to accept the risk that their customers can decide to walk.

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