Would you rather product placement be obvious or not obvious?

It’s no secret I’m a music-lover and one of my new favorite songs is the duet “Let Me Go” with Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. But then I watched the video, at the two minute mark, there was an incredibly obvious product placement of a tablet. For me, it seemed over-the-top undeniable. But at the same time, it left me to ponder, would I rather have it be incredibly obvious so I realize what exactly they are doing? Or would I prefer they not so as to not distract me from the story line? Honestly I see positives and negatives with both.

Below are three examples of obvious, not-so-obvious, and my favorite product placement spoof. Which would you prefer?

Obvious product placement at the 2 minute mark

Not-so-obvious product placement at the 53 second mark (Ralston Hat)

And, of course, no product placement blog post could be complete without this famous spoof

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