A business sign that makes me laugh

A changeable sign  by Stutts-Cox builders in Tomball Texas reads, "Quiet Please Meditating..The sign"
This sign made me laugh each time I drove by when they put up this message.

For the past week the Stutts-Cox Contractors sign I’ve driven by on my way to work has made me laugh with the message “Quiet please meditating..the sign.” Typically they use their sign on the side of a 55 mph road to congratulate a community member that has done something of note, such as congratulate the local homecoming queen and king.

Do I think it’s the best advertising for them? Honestly, no. I’ve been driving by this sign for a year and a half and, prior to taking this photo, I’d never read the name of the business responsible for the sign.  As a former outdoor salesperson, I can tell you it’s too many words/too small of words to be seen at that speed and there’s too much visual clutter around it.

But I do think, for those who do know who the sign is by, it creates some community goodwill for the company. By putting up a humorous saying every once in a while, I also think this sign gives the company a bit of a personality, which is becoming more essential in branding these days.

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