Waitressing skills have proven useful in my career

A waitress in a restaurant
From Flickr: avlxyz

Like many, I worked my way through part of my college by waitressing. What I didn’t know when I did it, however, is that it would prove to be so useful in my career. It’s not really what they mean by “servant leadership,” but it’s  amazing how taking care of someone’s plate, remembering how they like their coffee, etc. can be useful no matter what “rank” you achieve.

I guess it shouldn’t shock me. When I was interning at a Fortune 200 food corporation, I regularly saw the COO open doors for the cleaning person and get someone a refill on their drink. I’m sure there were a lot of reasons everyone thought so highly of him, but I think one of those reasons was because he often served them. There is something about serving another that says, “I respect and value you” like nothing else.

So, can I take that plate for you?

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