A birthday present from Clif bar: Customer relationship management done well

A box with a coconut chocolate ship clif bar, a pink birthday candle, and a Happy Birthday card

I came home the other day to find a box from Clif Bar in my mailbox. In it was a coconut chocolate chip Clif Bar, a pink birthday candle, and a Happy Birthday card.

I am a huge fan of Clif Bars and eat them often, but how did I get on their customer relationship management list that deserved such special treatment?

I think it’s because I also run a health blog. I’ve written about Clif Bars before on that blog and, whenever I write about a company, I send them a message through their online consumer form letting them know that they were mentioned on my blog.  Although my purpose is to just  let them know as a fellow marketing and public relations professional, this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten goodies mailed to me by doing that; I also received a package of new products to try and review from Emerald Nuts and I’ve received a lot of great coupons from Zone Perfect.

However it happened, I thought this was a great example of customer relationship management and definitely made me even more inclined to purchase their products in the future. And, look how many people I’m sharing their product with by writing this blog!

a happy birthday card from Clif bar

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