How young professionals buy gifts

It’s Thursday night at 10 p.m. and I just found out that  my friend’s birthday is on Monday (not shocking, I’m horrible with important dates).  I decide he needs a present.

Gift-giving as a young professional can be a challenge for the following reasons:

  • My young professional friends, because of jobs or just looking for a life change, are scattered across the country and the globe. Mailing packages is slow and expensive.
  • Many of my friends are located in major metropolitan areas and, thus have small living arrangements. Material gifts (decorations, etc.) are not a good thing to send someone with only 600 square feet to work with (unless you are an IKEA guru of course).
  • Many of my friends are single and very professionally successful. They can mostly buy whatever they want themselves.

This particular friend lives in Miami, (side note: if you are beautiful, single, independent woman in Miami, I have a guy for you!).  So, how do I make sure he has a present from me on his special day?

A plate of an assortment of baklava
Photo from Flickr: Bitman

Purchase a gift the way many young professionals do these days:

  1. Conduct a Google search to get the address of his office (note: had I not known the name of his company, I would have checked his LinkedIn profile to get it).
  2. Type in his office address into Yelp and search for food nearby (I’ve found that food delivery is a great gift for my guy friends). Sort the results by distance from his office.
  3. Discover that there is a baklava place right down the road from him. This happens to be his favorite treat. Read the online Yelp reviews and they are very positive.
  4. Click-through to the restaurants website, which is actually, a food delivery ordering site.  Perfect!
  5. Order a good amount of baklava, select Monday at 11 a.m. as the delivery time, add extra tip to encourage safe and accurate delivery, write-in notes recommending they call him ahead of time since he won’t be expecting it, and pay via debit card.
  6. Receive a thank you text from him on Monday.
  7. Feel like a good friend for getting him something he will enjoy.

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