Chicken is causing a lot of trouble lately…

Roasted chicken on a platter.
Photo from Flickr: dunham_1

Usually if there is a meat controversy, beef or pork is getting the bad rap. Depending on your religious leaning, you might not be able to eat beef or pork, or both. And, who can forget the National Pork Board’s cease and desist order to Think Geek for their marketing of unicorn meat as the “new white meat” (if you haven’t read this, I HIGHLY encourage you to click the link. It’s very humorous to read).

But chicken? Usually chicken stays out of controversy. But not lately. And it seems that most of it is centered around a popular Southern chicken restaurant, Chick-fil-A. I already blogged about the political controversies of Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s. but Chick-fil-A finds themselves in another sticky situation, which, this time, isn’t really their fault.

The Chick-fil-A sponsored bowl game is coming up and Louisiana State University (LSU) is playing in it. The controversy? LSU football coach, Les Miles, is a spokesman for Chick-fil-A’s competitor, Raising Cane’s. So, although his team will be having all the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches they want, Les Miles will wisely stay away from them. He’s quoted in a USA today article, Chick-fil-A Bowl a ‘chicken issue for LSU’s Les Miles, as saying, “I wouldn’t want someone to take a picture of me eating Chick-fil-A.”

A wise choice Mr. Miles. Try to avoid the “chicken issue” as much as you can.

And Chick-fil-A? This one’s not your fault, so handle it well and you’ll come out ok.

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