Effective Airport Advertising

In the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and, unfortunately due to some very long layovers, have had plenty of time to peruse every inch of a few airports including all of the airport advertising located in them. A lot of the advertising seemed out of place due to a confusion of target audience and messages, but I stumbled upon two strong examples of solid targeting and execution that make their advertising at the airport very effective.


The first came on an 11 hour delay at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, I discovered that local office furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, had created multiple business centers to allow business customers the opportunity to experience their products first-hand while waiting for their flight.

Steelcase lounge area at Grand Rapids airport with chairs and desks
Steelcase's lounge at the airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I spent a lot of time in here!

HP Folio

The second came at the Denver international Airport where I found a free charging station advertising the HP Folio and how, you wouldn’t need to be there if you had an HP Folio. The installment of the large ad could have been cleaner and the individual booth signage was hard to read due to glass glare, but it is still an excellent execution of HP targeting and understanding the needs of their target market.

HP advertising at the Denver airport
Thank you HP for the free charge!


A close up shot of two ads for the HP Folio
Great messaging!

Congrats Steelcase and HP on some very effective airport ads!

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