Medical Series: Guerrilla Marketing Idea for Dentists, Chiropractors, and Other Doctors

I’m a huge fan of guerrilla marketing campaigns and this is one of my favorites  because it’s so inexpensive, it could be very effective, and it could be modified for dentists, chiropractors, and other doctors.

A paper mouth wrapped around a tree. You can tear off a tooth and it has the dentist's name and contact information on it.
This could be modified for other types of doctors or other businesses.

For Dentists, Chiropractors, and Other Doctors

This campaign could easily be modified to work with other types of doctors. For example, for a chiropractor, the wrap-around could be a spine. My two cautions here are:

  • Make sure you take a look at what the display will look like after some of the flyers are gone. Will it still look ok? Will people still understand?
  • Make sure the placement of the ad is positive for your business. This is a common  mistake in outdoor advertising and a mistake in this area can land you on Failblog or another site.  Make sure that you look at the businesses, landscape, and other advertisements around yours to make sure there isn’t a contradiction or other issue with your placement. For example, placing an advertisement for a restaurant serving unique meat selections next to an animal hospital would be a very poor choice in outdoor placement.

In addition to doctors, this idea could be used for a wide variety of businesses. For a nursery, for example, you could have a wrap-around of trees.

Expense Considerations

Although there will be some design and printing costs (please don’t skimp on these!) the majority of your expenses for this project are going to come in the form of time that you spend working on this.  Here are some expense considerations:

  • You will need to apply for permits or talk to various city leaders to get approval to put these up. This is a crucial step to maintaining positive community relations, avoiding fines, and not having your stuff taken down the minute you put it up.
  • Not only will you need to put these up, but you will need to monitor them and replace ones that are vandalized or used up with new ones.  You should do this at least once daily, but you might have to more than daily as well.
  • You need to pay for extras and have them on hand when the above happens.
  • Weather could also affect your ads, so pay for weatherproof materials and monitor the displays for weather issues.  It would probably be well worth the extra money to pay for more weather-proof printing methods.

So even if something like this isn’t perfect for your business, hopefully it will spur some creative ideas of your own.  What are you doing that’s unusual to promote your business?

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