“Blog about us and we’ll send you a free t-shirt”

Karatedepot.com header

Congratulations goes to Karate Depot for finding a way to blend contemporary marketing with traditional marketing, AND  create a way to increase their search engine optomization (SEO)!

I ordered a new set of sparring gear from them (at an extremely reasonable price I might add) and, in my confirmation e-mail at the top, there was a small ad that said “Receive a free “Fire & Ice” t-shirt (see bottom for details).”  At the bottom, it read “To receive a free Fire and Ice T-shirt, blog about us or place a link to our front page, any of our product categories or any of our products. Reply to this email telling us where you placed the link or the location of the blog. When we approve your link or blog entry, we will ship you a free Fire and Ice T-shirt. It’s that easy. Eligibility requirements: The site must be owned or controlled by you and must be publicly accessible without logging in. The site must have been in existence for a minimum of thirty days. The webpage where the link is posted must be linked to from at least one other page. Forums and other public spaces do not qualify. Myspace pages, Myspace blogs, Twitter and Facebook are not eligible. The t-shirt must be shipped to a location in the lower 48 contiguous states.”

This is clearly a new approach to a very old marketing technique.  Especially with people in their teens and twenties, free t-shirts are a huge draw. Credit card companies, fast food restaurants, radio stations, and many more have used the free t-shirt gimmick for years. What makes Karate Depot unique is that they clearly are using it in a new way; to build up their SEO.  Instead of hiring someone to just focus on SEO, they found an inexpensive way to turn their customers into employees.

So now I have two things to look forward to: my new full set of sparring gear and a very cool t-shirt (I take a small by the way if anyone else wants to send me a shirt).  I’ll let you know when I receive both.

Update 10.30.10

My new gear arrived today in great condition along with my new shirt!

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