Takeru Kobayashi’s arrest and a flip camera

I was flipping through the Battle Creek Enquirer this morning and came across a story about hot-dog eating champion, Takeru Kobayashi, and his arrest yesterday. The story itself wasn’t that interesting to me, but something in the photo caught my eye. Below is the photo. What do we see to the right of Mr. Kobayashi under the arresting officer’s ear? Yep, it’s a flip camera. And, if you search YouTube, there are no less than 19 videos of his arrest.  Most of these, I would guess, are shot using a flip.

Takeru Kobayashi arrested on July 4, 2010

These little tiny cameras, with their ease of use and quality of video, are changing the way we view the world, and most notably, news events.  In the past, we’ve relied upon professional videographers to capture video. But now, with a flip easily fitting into a purse or someone’s back pocket, anyone has the ability to shoot video and upload it for the public to view.

So do I think that flip camera videos of events, such as Takeru Kobabshi’s arrest, will replace the need to have qualified video journalists? No. However, I do think they offer a nice compliment to the work of video journalists by offering another point of view of the situation.

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