About Nicole Finkbeiner

Nicole Finkbeiner is an effective strategic marketing and communications professional with experience in marketing, social media, advertising, public relations, branding, media relations, online reputation management, crisis communications, online advertising, outdoor advertising planning, sales, radio advertising, and internal communications.

Finkbeiner enjoys being very active in the community through various business organizations and community volunteering. In her free time she enjoys attending lectures, reading, spending time with friends, and working out.

The opinions expressed on this blog are the personal opinions of Nicole Finkbeiner and not any of those of any organization she represents.

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“Heels, Grand Central Terminal.” by John St Johnvia Flickr Creative Commons is licensed under CC BY 4.0



Photographs by Emily Jaschke

 Nicole Finkbeiner


Nicole Finkbeiner PEJ_Nicole_Finkbeiner_07.13.14-2

3 thoughts on “About Nicole Finkbeiner”

  1. Awsome articles. You always capture my eyes when you write and speak. You are a true friend and confidant. I miss seeing you at the college. Hope to talk again.
    Your friend and servant

  2. Great job on the article. I would like to include this in one of the City’s newsletters, e-letters, etc. Would you be okay with that?

    1. Hi Randy,

      I would be very honored to have my blog post, What to do if your home has been destroyed, what to do for someone with a destroyed home; in on of the City’s newsletters!

      I will send it to you via email.

      Thank you so much!

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